Why Do We Sweat? ( 2 minutes read)

     Sweat is one of the ways that the body control its' temperature. Because sweat is mainly water and some salts, as your sweat evaporates, it subsequently cools the skin and blood. Sweating can flush the body of substances such as alcohol, cholesterol, and salt.  
     Most deodorants prevent your body from doing this natural process. We have been socialized to think that sweat should be embarrassing. We are told that we should stay "dry" yet our body is made up of over 60% of water. 
      When is comes to our armpits, which is close to the axillary lymph nodes and the lymphatics of the mammary gland, by avoiding preventative chemicals such as aluminum based deodorants, we are allowing our body to sweat out toxins, which boosts our blood flow and our immune system. 
     Odor from our sweat can come from a number of reason. There are a number of ways to minimize or eliminate the stench, but still allowing our body to what it is meant to do.  Earthly Origins Natural Deodorant works with your body chemistry. It doesn't prevents you from sweating nor does it contains 15 different ingredients (unpronounceable, I may add). Earthly Origins is about working with Nature, not against it. 

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